Words are like bees, they have honey and they sting

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Caution! These are the words of beekeepers… “He’s intoxicated with the beauty and mysticism of bees, and he constantly bores his friends, family, business associates, incessantly talking about bees and their products.” Nevertheless, this can be the way to discover interesting facts about bees and our love towards the products we present you…

Little known facts about bees

Did you know that young bees don’t know how to make honey? When the time comes, young bees learn everything from the older and more experienced bees in their community.

Basically, the survival of a bee colony directly depends on the quality of the exchange and on the processing of the information obtained through life and work experience of the community.

But, it’s easy for the bees, they had just 180,000,000 years of evolution to perfect that and to produce the final product of probably the highest nutritional value for humans, which is consumed in unchanged form, without any amending, exactly how it is being served by the bees.

Out of 20,000 known species of bees, there are only around ten species that produce and store honey. All those honey bees produce good and healthy honey.

Why is Happy Honey good honey?

Bad honey is created by inadequate processing during industrial production (heating) or by applying wrong measures by a beekeeper, so I kindly ask you – don’t blame the bees.

By heating it, honey loses numerous nutritious ingredients and its natural properties, but, when honey is heated, it is easier for packaging and working with it, so this is precisely the main trap of the industrial processing of honey.

“We know the secret…”

This “problem” is best known by the employees of our partner company in Kragujevac. Trust me, it makes their hair stand on end when they even think of processing Happy Honey, because every heating and altering of the original form is unacceptable. But, in the end, everything turns out OK, when, after the exceptional effort and hard work, they reach the end of packaging and indulge in consuming the exquisite Happy Honey flavors.

Oh, sorry, I’m again talking just about bees and honey! Okay, I am a beekeeper, as I said at the beginning. Just a little bit more…

We listened to bees, and packed the honey in small jars in its purest, raw form, without heating, without filtering pollen, without artificial additives, exactly like the bees whispered to us when revealing their secret.

Also in the agreement with bees and nature, freeze-dried fruit of the highest quality and organic additions has been added to the raw honey, in order to make that tasty honey even more delicious, but without making compromises when it comes to quality, respecting the agreement we have with the bees and nature. Try just to imagine what would happen to us humans if we would enrage or betray bees and nature.

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