Which Happy flavor are you?

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Hello guys,

since the giving seasson is right around the corner, we have decided to help you a little with deciding what to give to your loved ones. If you recognize some of your friends or family in the following lines, well then you’ll know what to get them.


Raspberry is a romantic soul, lives for the spring and spreads the scent of flowers wherever it goes. Their favorite color is red, well, sometimes it can not resist the shades of pink. They love romantic walks by the sea or river, reads poetry and regularly posts sunsets on instagram. You would say that they came out right out of Jane Austin’s book. The most kind person you know, always ready to give you advise, whether it’s about a loved one or a business decision. But do not be confused and think that this person is too soft and sweet, they hide the aroma of mystery that can surprise you. The ideal city for Raspberry is Paris, and the perfect day would include a visit to Louvre, but before that, breakfast – Happy Honey healthy spread over the croissants and do not forget the cappucino.


Do you also know that person, which you can not imagine without a knife and a fork and two or three wrappings of chocolates in their pockets? Their mouth is always full, but still they manages to stay in shape. At some point, Cocoa discovered Instagram, Facebook and Blogspot, and is now a food blogger with several thousand followers, who gleefully monitors their posts on which restaurants and pastry shops to visit. Cocoa is a big gourmet, knows what good things are in life and holds on to mantra ,, a way to the man’s heart is through his stomach“. They will prepare you dinner in a beautifully decorated ambience with the most unusual ingredients on which Jamie Oliver would be jealous. Spaghetti, almonds and Happy Honey raw honey with cocoa are the perfect combination for those who do not see the boundaries between the ingredients for sweet and salty foods.


If Indian Jones was one of our sweet flavors, he would definitely be Happy Honey with ginger. This notorious adventurer has at least five possible answers to your question “Where will we go?” of which at least three include climbing the Tibet, scuba diving into the Mariana Trench and exploring the Amazon jungle. If your palms are sweaty just by the thought of jumping from a plane with a parachute, saddly, this taste is not for you, because Ginger has already done it seven times. They can not keep calm, so we can’t think of the perfect city for them, we started writing Rio de Janeiro, but they were already on their way to London. They  will consume our raw honey right out of the jar, because it’s best to eat raw food for your health, but also they forgot all the utensils in Beijing while learning to eat with chopsticks.


A Plum is a person who likes to stay at home for two days a week at most. Count that this bon viviant is going to the best clubs, bars and taverns (not in that order) on Friday and weekends. Monday and Tuesday are reserved for after parties. If you want to hang out with Plum, you must make plans for a week in advance. Plum stick to the rule ,,work hard, play harder“ and are always on the move. Wherever they are, at least three people know them, and Plums knows their city as the palm of their hand including every street with good food. They can pick up after each of your words and continue with verses of famous and unknown songs, if not, they will come up with words of their own on the spot. Since they are hedonists, they  knows that Happy Honey with plum is best to eat with pancakes and waffles.


As soon as you hear the word summer your mind rushes to this person. Apricot is the kind of person that radiates warmth, is always cheerful and smiling. People say they’re sweet, but for you they’re much more, they smell like childhood and awaken feelings of home and serenity. They are always ready for a laugh and the hours pass as seconds in their vicinity. Apricot has no favorite city, because every city is home, since home is where the heart is. You can imagine them as a family member – mother, dad, grandmother, grandad, brother or sister; or they can remind you of it that crush you’ve met on some vacation, summer in the country away from the city, the first kiss or a childhood friends with whom you have a unique bond and infinitely many memories. Because is very warm outside Apricot will put our healthy spread over the biscuit and pour a glass of cold milk while listening to how you spent the day.

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