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What is raw honey?

Raw honey is unheated honey that preserves all its natural properties in the same form in which bees gathered it from the nectar, directly from a beehive, without any thermic processing. Honey can be consumed by both children (after 12 months of age) and adults, and it contains 80% of natural sugars and 20% of water. According to the study by Dr Ron Fessenden, raw honey is recommended in fighting cold and burns, it improves the functioning of heart and brain, and it enhances concentration. He also states that honey contains vitamins and minerals including B6 and riboflavin. We could endlessly talk about the advantages of raw honey, but it is the best to try our flavors and see for yourself the truthfulness of these claims.

Pure indulgence and harvesting super food health benefits. Sounds like a win, doesn't it?

Honey and cocoa

For all the chocolate lovers out there, finally a spread that provides guilt-free gourmet enjoyment. We have combined organic cocoa powder with unpasteurized sunflower honey to maximize all the expected benefits, but taking good care to provide you with those unexpected ones as well. Perfect smothered on anything, if you ask us.

Clean raspberry freshness cutting through the intensity of honey. We say it's a perfect balance!

Honey and raspberry

Two of the Serbia’s famous exports – the best raspberries from picturesque fields of Arilje, Central Serbia and raw sunflower honey from the northern region, Vojvodina, combined for your ultimate flavour sensation. Claim thoroughly tested in our home kitchens, by our closest friends and family members. They just couldn’t resist.

Sunny apricots and sunflower honey. Just the thing to brighten up your day.

Honey and apricot

Freeze dried ripe apricots are finely milled and mixed with raw sunflower honey to remedy your unconditional apricot love – all year long. Anybody with a sweet tooth will appreciate the well-known juicy apricot flavour. Very versatile in so many classic desserts we don’t even know where to start. But you do.

Finding honey too sweet or you're still on the fence? Problem solved!

Honey and plum

Famous Serbian damson plums are freeze dried and coarsely milled to add texture to naturally delicious raw sunflower honey. Be sure to add a little oomph to your next meal by incorporating this unique blend in both sweet and savoury dishes. The mild flavour is suitable for all family members and the pickiest of eaters will love this. Revealing a little secret: they already told us.

Looking for a delicious way to enjoy sometimes dull super food? Say no more!

Honey and ginger

We get it. All the trends and fads in nutrition can be overbearing and confusing at some points. We decided to help you ease the dilemma by incorporating some of the oldest super foods in one perfect jar. Just take the spoon fool and feel what your ancestors felt thousands years ago when they were loading up on nutrients and energy by combining organic ginger and fresh sunflower honey.


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