Happy story of our Happy Nina

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I’m 24 years old and I come from Smederevo. Since that is an agricultural area, I’ve always been familiar with the idea to be involved in it after graduating. After an invitation to join a startup, I got to know the Happy Honey story and quickly became a part of it.

Just the idea that raw honey mixed with additions remains the same after the production, but with a richer taste, seemed more than interesting to me. As one of the youngest General Managers in the honey industry, but certainly the most ambitious one, I know that we can expand the happy story to other people. Everyone who tried our product has only one impression, which is – mmm, this is delicious! Of course, there are numerous challenges in this business, but with the help of other busy bees from our happy hive, everything gets easier when the final product reaches the ones who consume the real tastes. I’m about to get a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication, I’m managing a company, but I still find time for walks, going out, and relaxing with friends.  The most important thing is to set your priorities, make a plan, and follow your dreams.

Nina Happy Honey

I strongly believe that young people in Serbia have potential and with just a little bit more of persistence and effort is necessary for them to make all their dreams come true. They just need to find a job for which they wouldn’t find it hard to get up in the morning and spend 12 hours in the office. Happy Honey is definitely what makes me happy and I transfer that to the people around me. I think I’m successful in achieving that because I’ve already been nicknamed Happy Nina. 

Everything else I could tell you, you can see for yourself if you explore our secrets of taste. We believe that the judgment of others is just and, in order to stop praising ourselves, we invite you to explore our beehive and choose the right flavor for yourself, and we will soon deliver it to your address.

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