Happy purpose

To bring happier lives through next level of healthy nutrition

...powered by the bees & planet we save.


Happy Honey was created with the aim to offer raw honey with flavors that give it a new dimension to all lovers of good food. Unheated, slightly filtered raw honey, mixed cold with various 100% natural flavors is the product made for the whole world, but originating from the heart of Serbia, the land of food and innovative ideas of young people.


We believe in quality food available to everyone, food that is not excessively processed, and we perceive calories not just through their number, but through their origin, as well. Beekeeping is one of the most developed branches of agriculture in our country and we wish to support the efforts of everyone who work on the protection of bees and the development of beekeeping, because, without these creatures, flora and fauna wouldn’t survive.


As a humble contribution to the raising of the awareness of the significance of bees, Happy Honey, in the cooperation with Nova Iskra Design Incubator, opened the first urban apiary in the center of Belgrade, 43 Gavrila Principa Street. By doing so, we transferred modern trends in the development of urban ecosystems from Western Europe to Serbia.