New dimension of honey from 💛 Serbia

    Once tasted, always remembered as:

    100% natural, raw honey

    Unique recipe and striking appearance

    A perfect combination

    What makes our product different from the others? First of all, it is the unchanged texture before and after the production.  Raw honey is not heated, in that manner, it preserves its properties, and fruit and cocoa/ginger give it a beautiful color and extraordinary taste.

    The product is moderately sweet, so it can be consumed by both children and adults, in combination with pancakes, cakes, doughnuts, biscuits, as an addition to tea or chicken. Its unique recipe and striking appearance are what distinguishes us from the competition, both in our country and outside its borders.

    The production, recipe, and raw materials originate from Serbia, fruit is from Arilje, a well-known area in our country for food production, and the sunflower honey is from Vojvodina. A perfect combination, isn’t it?

    They know what happiness is


    our satisfied bees


    Renata Vidic - @RENDZICOOKIES

    I like to start a day with sweet breakfast but I rarely have the opportunity to find an alternative to those industrial ones. Happy Honey is exactly that, the cocoa is a healthy version of Nutella, I’m delighted with the taste and my favorites are apricot and cocoa, I really can’t decide.


    Galina Popov Pantelic - CREATIVE HOUSEWIFE

    This happy honey will bring all the best for you! It works well with both bread and tea, and especially with healthy cereal grains. With him, we are happy, sweetened and healthy. I am thrilled! My favorites are raspberries and cocoa.



    Happy Honey are cute, healthy and tasty little jars of honey with many different tastes – my favorite jars of honey are with organic cacao powder and with taste of ginger  –  big plus for this unique honey is the fact that all of these products are organic. Once you try this honey, you will definitley fall in love with all of these little perfections of jars! 


    Daria Ridjosic - @DARIAMEANSSEA

    “Eating well is a form of self-respect”. When I discovered Happy Honey I realized that I found the perfect replacement for all those guilty pleasure sweet spreads. And it’s even more tasteful!

    In the first place I didn’t know a difference between raw honey and regular one but I knew from the first bite it’s something so different from everything I ate so far and something innovating. My sensitive stomach was happy too.

    I bought it for everyone that I love, for my family and friends. 

    The favorite Happy Honey that I mix with tea are with raspberry, and I start almost every day with one teaspoon of Happy Honey with organic cacao or one with a plum.


    Jovana Stojanov - @LE.ANIMALE

    Everything about this honey is wonderful, from taste to packaging. The honey with the plain I ate on the tassel, the next target – with cocoa. His only fault is that he eats fast 🙁


    Jovan Vasiljevic - @JOVANVASILJEVIC

    Very original products! Something completely new to us, and most importantly, very healthy! Phenomenal combinations in which almost everyone can be found, and chose a new favorite treat.

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